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i fuck ya motha

Rap has its own language to express, let‘s say, social and political matters. This issue Bushido (Bu), german rapper, battles Booba (Bo), french rapper for the title of the ‘worst text‘ all lines chosen from their songs.


He‘s every teacher’s and parent’s worst nightmare. He’s seemingly risen from the depths of hell to torment their thirteen year old children with texts dripping with violence and sex. But the Berliner rapper has been hired over to the ‘good side’ and meanwhile speaks to youths about ‘respect’ and the merits of a good graduation. In that case, no one seems to care about his own premature exit from school or his detention for assault.


His more analytical fans describe his somewhat puzzling, aggressive, and metaphorical lyrics as ‘impressionist rap.’ Elie Yaffa, a.k.a. Booba, was born in the Parisian suburb Boulogne-Billancourt, but spent in teenage years in the hiphop hub, Detroit. Meanwhile, the Duke of Boulogne is becoming a bit of a mainstream talk-show favourite. He retains his street cred’ by recording tunes with his friends Akon, Cassie, and P. Diddy, to name a few.

And their rap

Bu: I’m speakin wit’ experience, wit’ sense in my heart.

Bo: Keep your nose outta my business.

Bu: My paths are dusty, my eyes fill with tears.

Bo: I give urine donations, quench the thirst of the whole of France.

Bu: You’re gay and sit in the bath with soy cookies and green tea. Don’t talk about rap if ya aint willin‘ to bleed.

Bo: Dis sound, dat’s my way to tell ya to go fuck your motha.

Bu: Yeah, we’re sick pigs, I’ll write you a line cause’e I busted ya uncle, and y’aunts mine.

Bo: Ok, ok, smokin’ mate, it’s all I gotta do, humiliate, sweep it off, beat ‘em up, go da business class way.

Bu: I wanna fuck ya motha, gayass, now it’s war.

Bo: You wanna shit on us, get official, Your big shits are cut in 2, try it in your G-string.

Bu: Now you’re boxin‘ and you’re motha givin‘ me her ass, yeah!

Bo: I’m in the VIP corner, from the VIP fist.

Bu: You want romance but I fuck wit‘ my fist.

Bo: Catch the bus and suck dicks at the flea market.

Bu: Yeah, I’m spittin‘ blood, cause I bite victims like ya.

Bo: It’s over for ya, the Yekini crew, I fuck, I fuck, I fuck you.

Bu: Yeah! Life is an assfuck!

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